Thursday, March 24, 2011

closer look

I have that constant fear that anything I make should be in a resolution for print. So anything I make I work it in 300 dpi and A4 minimum(most of the times bigger). Many times they ask me to have closer look on my images. I am posting a much bigger size of the zombie zorba in an in between stage just for those who like to have a closer look. In that stage I was playing with colors and a lot of dirt. The first sketch is on black, gray and white in a very clean manner made.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Zorba the Zombie

Zorba the Zombie, originally uploaded by artyuppie.

You can do so much with a fly and some blood stains. This is my zombie Zorba dancing in the pace of the buzzing…


I think that using a fly in the last pieces started to create an interesting tool for narration for me. I am already fantasizing about a graphic novel which shows some scary incidents and the witness is a buzzing fly.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Drawing for a Cover.

I haven't posted anything lately because I was working for 2 different projects and had to draw in deadlines. The one project was mainly photo manipulation for a book cover proposal for a potential client. As usually I've risked a lot and although the cover was not accepted as a concept I discovered really interesting stuff about elements I can incorporate in my future illustrative works. The second cover I made I really enjoyed it a lot. It was for the recent book cover competition which is organized by Kedros publications here in Greece. I hope and wish it gets a good score. I will post the illustration after the results of the competition are announced so you can tell me if you like the feeling of it.

Sad girl with secret powers

A digital illustration drawn and painted in photoshop.